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I write about trading the markets and finance in general.

As a trader at some point, you would need to see your trading process as a business. By either trading your own money or trading a prop firm’s or any other external investors money, you need to have a business plan and a general plan of action. Planning beforehand will prevent you from failing and will help you to put your thoughts into actionable items.

In this article, I will describe my favorite methods of designing a business. Note that these methods are equally applicable whether you want to build a startup, small business, or corporation.

NOTE: Although I haven’t…

One of the issues that came up when Bitcoin first appeared was privacy. With Bitcoin, one could track transactions and wallet ownership back to their initiators. Privacy tokens focus on creating a sense of transaction privacy on cryptocurrency transactions.

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1. Monero (XMR)

In the beginning, cryptocurrencies weren’t such a good payment system until stablecoins appeared. Stablecoins are backed by other assets and lack the volatility that other cryptocurrencies have plenty of.

In this article, I will present the most interesting stablecoin projects in my opinion.

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When talking about a topic it is important for the participants to refer to the same things with the correct terminology, as well as for the beginners on the topic to understand what the most advanced talk about.

In this article, I will explain the common trading lingo.

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Bull(s) & Bullish: in the trading lingo bullish means that one has a belief that a particular asset will go up in value. Bulls are people who have the same belief. …

In the ETF category, so far, I talked about how one could access the Chinese market. You can find more information on my “How to invest in the Chinese market with ETFs.” article.

This time, I would talk about how one can access the second-fastest market on the planet, India. With a population of 1.3 billion people, India has a huge market with an emphasis on technology.

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01. iShares MSCI India ETF

  • Symbol: INDA
  • Closing Price: $38
  • Annual Expense Ratio: 0.69%
  • Overall Rating on C

This ETF represents the whole Hindi market. With 98 holdings, and diversification across many industries such as financials, technology…

Financial markets are a part of the economy. It is important then for all the participants to know the basics of how the economy works. Many scholars have tried to explain how the market works, and these theories have influenced public policies in governments. Many of them disagree on their theories, but none debate was bigger than the supply-drive, and demand-driven thoughts of Hayek and Keynes respectively.

In this article, I will give you the background of this debate and how their thought changed the world and defined the 20th and 21 centuries.

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John Maynard Keynes & Demand

This English economist (1883–1946) had changed the…

Today’s traders new to have a grasp on the market and use the right data tools. In this article, I will present to you the tools I personally use to analyze the market. I will not include news websites since they deserve a separate article.

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01. Airdrops

Airdrops are always a good idea. This website informs me of the upcoming airdrops and guides me on where to look next.

The “Statistical Review of World Energy 2020" from BP revealed that the world's energy needs are still covered by fossil fuels by 84%. In this article, we will discuss another commodity, petroleum.

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The words “petroleum”, “crude oil”, or simply “oil” refer to the same chemical substance. In financial markets, one may also find “Brent Oil” or “Brent Crude”. This refers to the crude oil traded in the Brent Complex, a market around the North Sea of northern Europe in which the main player in the UK.


Fossil fuels began forming when plant and animal life from roughly the Proterozoic period…

The rise of the internet has influenced a whole generation like nothing else. Millennials, people born between roughly 1981 to 1996, are the generation that has been characterized as “tech-savvy”, “flexible”, and “work-life flexible”. All these attributes helped in the creation of digital nomads.

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Historically, a nomad is a group of people without a fixed habitat place. In recent years, the above term has been evolved in western society into a “digital nomad”.

Digital nomads are people that can work online and want to travel for the majority of their time. Their professions vary from digital marketers, e-commerce, and on…

The finance industry is one of the most influential industries around the world today. The world develops according to the flow of financial resources. In recent years, as generations become more and more concerned about ethics, social responsibility, and climate protection, the need for responsible investment choices has been the center of attention for many people.

Also known as sustainable, green, or simply responsible investing. ESG investing is another term that means Environmental, Social and Governance investing.

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In recent decades, humankind has fought against climate change and pollution, social injustice, separatism, and many other issues that held us back from…

Dimitrios Gourtzilidis

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