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Before Investing

  1. Personal finance and money management.
  2. Achieve your Financial Independence and Early Retire (The F.I.R.E movement).
  3. Asset creation for a lifetime.
  4. Insurances, one can Get to Protect his or her Investment Capital.


  1. Introduction.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions on Trading.

Financial Markets & Economics

  1. What Really is Money?
  2. Explaining the Time Value of Money Concept.
  3. Financial markets, its players, products, and product derivatives.
  4. How the economy works.
  5. Financial history in a timeline.
  6. The War Between Supply and Demand, and the Debate of the greatest modern Economic thinkers.

Trader’s Life

  1. The different kinds of traders.
  2. Trading sessions, trading days, and trading hours.
  3. Ethical Investing with Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).
  4. Your Common Trading Lingo Guide.


  1. An introductory guide on ETFs.
  2. ARK, and their innovative and actively managed ETFs.
  3. How to invest in the Chinese market with ETFs.
  4. India: How to invest with ETFs.

Stock Fundamental Analysis and Value Investing.

  1. The IPO and the stock market.
  2. The “Rule #1” of long-term investing.
  3. “Rule #1” in practice!
  4. The Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) investment technique.
  5. The meaning of each Finviz’s scanner search attribute.
  6. Balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. How to read business reports.

Portfolio Management

  1. Portfolio management 101 with “Portfolio Performance”.
  2. Ray Dalio’s “All-Weather” Portfolio Template.

Dividend Investing

Option Trading

  1. Stocks versus Stock Options as a speculating vehicle.
  2. A beginner's guide in options.
  3. Determining the fair market value of options contracts
  4. The four basic options trades and their risk profile.
  5. Option Trader’s Resources for Creating your Watchlist and Generating Trading Ideas.

Options Strategies

  1. The wheel investment strategy.

Income Strategies

  1. Income Trading with Options Strategies: the Vertical Spreads

Foreign Exchange (Forex)

  1. Basic terminology and a bird’s view on forex trading.
  2. Brokers to choose from if you are a Forex trader.
  3. Forex Trader’s Resources for Creating your Watchlist and Generating Trading Ideas.

Cryptocurrency Trading

  1. What exactly is a Blockchain.
  2. Cryptocurrencies. What they are and how they work?
  3. Your choices on Android Cryptocurrency Wallets.
  4. How to earn your first free cryptocurrencies.
  5. A complete guide to Basic Attention Token (BAT) for content creators and YouTubers.
  6. Crypto Trader’s Resources for Creating your Watchlist and Generating Trading Ideas.
  7. Cryptocurrencies in the Privacy Coin Category.
  8. Centralized Exchanges (CEX) for Aspiring Cryptocurrency Traders.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

  1. The Ethereum, Dai, and Maker Cryptocurrencies.
  2. Buy smaller cryptocurrencies with Uniswap.
  3. SwissBorg: Your Personal Multifunction Cryptocurrency Wallet.
  4. The Most Interesting Stablecoins on the Market.

Smart Contract Platforms

  1. The 450+ free applications of the Blockstack (STX) project and its cryptocurrency.
  2. Cardano, the internet of blockchains.

Futures and Commodities

  1. Commodities: The Sweat of the Sun, Gold — An Introduction of the Market.
  2. Commodities: Crude Oil, an Introduction to the Black Gold.

Technical Analysis

  1. Stock Trader’s Resources for Creating your Watchlist and Generating Trading Ideas.
  2. Efficient markets hypothesis and technical analysis. Does technical analysis work or not?
  3. Financial market order types.

Price Action and Charting

  1. Introduction to charts.
  2. The basis of technical analysis. The Dow theory.
  3. Your starting guide on price action and Japanese candlesticks.
  4. The Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, and How to trade with them.

Indicators & Other Topics

  1. Indicators for Traders: Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  2. Indicators for Traders: Donchian Channel
  3. Indicators for Traders: Average True Range (ATR)


  1. Trend Following: A complete guide into TurtleTrading and their legacy.

Risk Management

Excel for Investors and Traders

  1. Microsoft Excel: Inserting financial data and prepare it for analysis.

Python for Investors and Traders

  1. How to prepare your computer for python coding.
  2. Not just another quick Python crash course
  3. Everything you need to know about Mathematics, and Python. Part 1

Quant & Algo Trading

  1. James Simons — The Life of a Quant.

Trader’s Psychology & Health

  1. Stay healthy and sane as a trader.
  2. 10 psychological traps that are going to hurt your trading.


  1. Trader’s log journal and performance indicators.
  2. A List with the Best Trading Journal Software Solutions.


  1. Top trading and finance books per category out there.
  2. Forum communities for traders and investors.

Tools & Setups

Other Types of Investing

- P2P Investing


- NFTs

  1. What’s All the Fuss About Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

Day Trading

Taxation and Trading as Business

  1. Work from Wherever You want. The Digital Nomad Lifestyle.
  2. Hit the Ground Runnin’ and Jump Start your Business as a Trader.

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