The 450+ free applications of the Blockstack (STX) project and its cryptocurrency.

Dimitrios Gourtzilidis
4 min readDec 1, 2020

Cryptocurrencies brought many changes to our modern life. Imagine that all of your favorite applications was living in a simple interface. Application for podcasts, portfolio management, note writing, blogging, patronage, and more. This is Blockstack.

Blockstack is simply an open-source decentralized computing platform that enables developers to code decentralized applications.

Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea founded Blockstack in 2013 and offered a solution in the modern concerns on internet privacy, security and data breaches. Blockstack, been decentralized, mean that users do not have to be afraid that their data will be stolen or been lost.

The New York company has raised more than $75.000.000 through their ICO and venture capitalists.

Blockstack (STX)

  • Country of Origins: USA
  • Company Behind: Blockstack PBC
  • Marketcap: $132,278,710
  • Current Price Per Cryptocurrency: $0.154913
  • Website:


First of all we need to create a new ID.
Set a password.
Add your email.
…and we are ready to go.
Welcome to Blockstack’s huge collection of decentralized applications.

Application examples

Here is a screenshot with all the Blockstack’s apps.

(Warning: I have posted a big number of screenshots below to check all the Blockstack applications. If you are not interested you…

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